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    Who has the Best Moustache EVER? [Click to begin voting]

    In honor of Movember’s campaign to increase awareness of men’s health issues, we invite you also to increase your awareness of amazing moustaches from fiction and history. Vote on the best moustaches below and you can go here to donate to the Movember cause.


  2. Enjoying a relaxing evening at home with a little chai spice!


  3. champagnetoasts:

    One of my favorite questions to ask someone is what was your favorite book you’ve ever read. Often I hear people answer that it was To Kill a Mockingbird. A respectable choice, yes. But not one that I can agree with. I don’t know if it was the tone of the book, the racist picture it painted of…

  4. Mmmmm
    Happy Halloween to me!

    My Halloween Night!  Trick-or-Treat and Trick-or-Treat adult beverage style! 


  5. When I tell my mom I’m fine without a boyfriend


    True Story.

  6. New fall favorite! This just warms me up from the inside out - especially on rainy mornings like this one!

  7. my sisters and i right before the ceremony
    Dancing queens!
    My sweet nephew!
    My sweet niece!
    rere and I in DC
    Mustache sisters and new inductee Bree!
    My favorite women in the whole wide world!

    It was such an honor to stand up with all of my sisters and watch my big sis vow to love and cherish someone forever.  It was one of those beautiful moments where you could see the love reflecting and just radiating from the two of them as they walked down the aisle.  Linds looked absolutley stunning and wrote such an amazing ceremony for the officiant. 

    After the ceremony - we became dancing fools.  My mom, sisters and myself were the first on the dance floor and the last ones off of it.  We sure know how to have a good time!

    After all of the wedding festivities, we took my oldest sister and her family into DC to see the monuments.  It was a blast showing my 3 year old nephew new things and inducting my little niece into the mustache club.  These two kids might just change my mind about having a few of my own one day.  Not yet though - still at the stage where I like to hand them back when they start crying! 

    Overall - I’d say it was a pretty succesful weekend down in DC with the fam! Until the next wedding….October 12, 2013!  I get to be the maid of honor in that one!


  8. Wants

    Lately I have been doing some searching.  I used to be content to live my life through work.  Then I caught a glimpse of what is was like to have something outside of that when I met Scott.  After that relationship ended, I have felt - a little bit more empty.  I didn’t know what I was missing since I wouldn’t let anyone else into my life until Scott.

    Now - I’ve finally allowed myself to want something that I have been denying for so long.  I want a relationship - someone to care about - someone to care about me.  And it scares me. 


  9. "" There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."
    Ecclesiastes 3:1"

    After reading this scripture, I came to some realizations about my life lately.  I used to be the type of person that over-committed.  I said yes, to everyone, all the time.  It was exhausting.  I decided to work on that aspect of myself, and in fact, I think I have gotten too good at saying no.  I may need a lesson in saying yes.

    I’m at a point in my life at the age of 24, where my typical day involves waking up, working out, working, a round of tv or reading and then bed.  Wash - Rinse - Repeat.  This is the life of my Mother as well - who is 54.

    And I rationalize this with - oh, well I have a demanding job, I travel a lot, and I’m tired.  But I have no one to blame by myself.  I need to work on a balance of the yes and no in my life.




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